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Open Door is the most advanced real-time mobile app for engaging new customers through field contact. The system lets you have high-impact conversations without wasting precious time and money on printing and data-entry. For canvassers, Open Door, replaces paper lists with a simple easy-to-use mobile interface. For field managers it provides a robust backend with list management, mapping, survey building, and real-time reporting. Everything is in the cloud, so you can manage your field program from anywhere

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Open Door’s mobile app has everything your company’s canvassers need to work while they are on the go.

  • Knock sheets
  • Simple and easy to use Interface
  • Lead lists
  • Callback facility
  • Commissions
  • Location tracking
  • Data Sync
  • Messages
  • Competitions
  • Available for Iphone and Ipad


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Open Door Features

Our Open Door Apps has an extensive range of features including, Canvasser overview,
Knocks allocated, Livemap, Commission calculation, Lead list and a wide range of reports

Canvasser Overview

The app gives you complete insight into to progress of your campaigns, from doors knocked, presentations made and contracts signed. You will also get access to a control panel that can be used, for performance reviews with both your canvassers and field sales managers

Knocks Allocated

Gone are the days of printing sheet after sheet of knock sheets and using paper maps to find potential patch, here at open door we have all of the UK’s postcode data and from the desktop system managers and office based team members can highlight postman’s walks or sections of maps and allocate doors electronically directly to the advisers iPad in the field. Not just saving time and money but helping the environment too.

Live Map

The live map function enables managers and office based staff to view the current location of all members of the field teams and track their territorial coverage throughout the day.

Commission Calculation

Our Commission view gives your team 100% transparency of their earnings in real team and reduces the number of the calls to managers needed to track earnings


Enables you to structure precise and constructive appraisal, feedback and disciplinary by using the real data gather and collated in the app.

Lead List

Open door collates all generated leads in place enabling you to filter on multiple fields.


How it works

Are you canvassing manager looking to make your canvassing campaigns more efficient ?

Open door is a state of the art software solution that allows you to easily an efficiently manage your sales staff, check out this video to see how it works.

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