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Open Door is the most advanced real-time mobile app for engaging new customers through Face 2 Face contact. The system lets you have high-impact conversations without wasting precious time and money on printing and data-entry. For canvassers, Open Door, increases productivity and replaces paper contracts with a simple easy-to-use mobile interface. For field managers it provides a robust back-end with territory management, mapping, payroll and real-time reporting. Everything is in the cloud, so you can manage your field program from anywhere.

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Open Door’s mobile app has everything your company’s advisors need to work while they are on the go.

  • Knock sheets
  • Simple and easy to use Interface
  • Lead lists
  • Commissions statements
  • Location tracking
  • Messages
  • Competitions
  • Available for Iphone and Ipad

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Open Door SWITCH allows any company, large or small, to engage in Face 2 Face energy sales. Compliance is key in this sector and Open Door will ensure that all rules and regulations are followed.

  • SLC25 Complaint
  • Simple and easy to use Interface
  • Tariff Data imported daily from an OFGEM APPROVED source
  • Two stage verification proccess
  • Email confirmation with switch details
  • Full “remote audit” functionality


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Eco & Cavity Claim

Start generating your Eco and Cavity Claim leads via Open Door today. We can make your company paperless overnight, receive paperwork and pictures together and keep track of all your jobs in one place.

  • Simple and easy to use Interface
  • Digital paperwork
  • Two stage verification process optional
  • Increase quality
  • Increase staff retention
  • Full commission payment function

Open Door Cavity Claim

ECO measures Processed

Cavity Claims Processed

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Open Door Features

Open Door is more than just an APP, its an CRM. Its extensive range of features include, Territory management,
Knocks allocated, Document Library, Commission Calculation, Lead list and a wide range of reports

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How it works

Are you looking to make your sales campaigns more efficient and compliant ?

Open door is a state of the art software solution that allows you to easily an efficiently manage your sales staff, check out this video to see how it works.

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